This is a rundown of the donation requested for my time and companionship. You will see that I don't entertain in-calls but I am happy to arrange an upscale hotel suite for us to relax in at your cost sample culinary delights and hopefully get carried away after a little too much bubbly.

In the event that I might not be available, I do have a very carefully handpicked handful of exquisite friends who will happily oblige. They will not fail you....I promise.

Breakdown of our Rates

1 Hour

R10,000 - Rendezvous

2 Hours

R15,000 - Seductive Relaxation

3 Hours

R20,000 - Passionate Liaison

Beyond 3 Hours

Kindly note that bookings beyond 3 hours are negotiable

In-date extensions R 5,000ph

A deposit of 25% is required to confirm our date and the balance is placed discreetly next to my handbag on arrival, not to be discussed. However, when we meet if you feel that I have misrepresented myself in any way I will gladly leave and refund you the deposit. Also understand that if you are not of the correct calibre, then I will leave and not refund you your deposit because you would have portrayed yourself to be as such with all due respect, money does not always buy class and I will not appreciate having turned another liaison away and having wasted my time.


My usual rates plus all travel expenses.
Expenses and a 50% deposit will be required in advance.


Kindly note compensation is for my time and companionship only. Physical intimacy is neither contracted nor compensated for.